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Over grinding

After ca. 15 years, memorials from artificial stone are covered with moss and dirt (e.g. rust, candle unctuosity, dust, etc.) These spoil the memorial more quickly. Extreme frost or heat is the worst. The microstructure of an artificial stone is filled with water during the winter. Frozen water destroys the cement joints. If there is still possibility to preserve the memorial, it is over grinded. Thanks to this, the memorial is clean and shiny again. However, it is important to take care of it from the very beginning. Customers should use preserving preparations such as Bistrol, Diava or Sidolux. After polishing, the dirt will be easy to remove by standard water cleaning. We recommend polishing the surface ca. 3 times after over grinding. With such care the memorial durability can be prolonged. We use own machines and technology for grinding the memorials. There is no need to dismantle the memorial. Other defects such as cracks can be repaired right on cemetery. Services, such as gilding, silver-coating, vases and lantes assembly are done immediately as well. Over grinding is done cost free.


Gilding of letters and other accessories is made right on cemetery. The old writing is removed and replaced by the 24carat gold. If the weather is nice, this service can be done immediately. Number of letters determines the price. If desired letters are higher, the price is changed according to the difference, or the price is negotiated.

Assembly of accessories

We provide also assembly of different accessories (e.g. vases, lantes, crosses, sculptures, photographs, etc.) You can see other products in PC catalogue. The delivery is quick and customers do not pay for assembly. They pay only the price of product.

Renovation of tumbled parts

By the time, individual parts of memorial fall apart. It is needed to renovate them so that the memorial gained its beauty again. We use different effective ways how to put them together – using the strongest glues and silicones. If needed, we use metal joints as well. Many of these works can be done immediately, the others up to max. 30 days.

Production and assembly of grain plates

Sometimes, customers need to add another name on memorial; however, there is no more space on it. In such case, we use different grain plates that are screwed onto original one. These grain plates can be used as replacement of old memorials. Their price is relatively cheap - the effect is perfect. The plates are produced and supplied up to max. 40 days.

Production and assembly of ceramic photographs

We offer production and assembly of ceramic photographs as well. The picture provided from our customer can be stylized in computer (color, new clothes, etc.) If the customer owns ceramic photograph, we install it on memorial. We supply new photographs up to max. 40 days.

Grinding and making of new writings

Original writings on older grain memorials can be grinded away and the text can be rewritten in better and nicer way. In such cases, the memorial has to be dismantled and grinded in a workshop. Project of a new writing is done by using computer simulation – customer can see how rewritten memorial will look like.

Sculpting of letters on cemetery

We make also sculpting of new dates and letters right on cemetery, without dismantling memorials (price – 120,-SKK). We guarantee the resemblance of old and new text. The service in not made immediately, we do it according to waiting list. Delivery is made up to 50 days.


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